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Full Version: The Domain Name
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What's In the Domain Name?

That little piece of digital real estate is what stands between you, and the success, or no success, that will be seen on the world wide web. That little name harnesses the power of creatively expressing words that will (hopefully) be found by others, and (possibly) be responded to in a positive way. With all of the conversing going on world wide on the web constantly, the chances are getting even tougher in terms of getting real people to see and respond favorably to anything at all. After speaking to many (so called) customer support people over the last few days, it would appear that the support in customer support is sadly lacking as well. It is solely up to us, the individuals who seek presence on the web to be able to place our information out there, using domains and hosting, where others will find it.
That simple little domain name like can/will/maybe lead to somewhere on the world wide web where a human being, not a spider robot, will find it.
So, out of all the billions and billions of domain names, what are the chances of success on the web? Actually much better than you think. You see, most of the information on the web placed via social media networks, forums, blogs and other pieces of digital misinformation are nothing more than digitized trash. They have no substance, no meaning and are much like society is today. Without much to it at all. It is a world of the brain dead zombies out on the web, as it is in real life, so those that can see through this veil of mystery and know for a fact that there is some way to get information to readers, (hopefully, there are a few of us left out there) and if that information is good, original, thought provoking and gives something of value for reading it, then maybe, just maybe, you might have a chance of eeking out a few dollars from an online business.
What is a better chance at succeeding?

Quote:1. An Online Business
2. Trip to Vegas
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That simple domain name holds within it your future on the world wide web.  Choose wisely and carefully with whom you do business with online.
The horror stories that I kinow about domains and hosting entities on the world wide web of deceit could indeed curl your hair and your toes!  Finding a decent domain and hosting company takes time.